About this project


housing zero energy project thoma

The construction

This project is a prototype development of prefabricated Dowel Laminated Timber elements, which can be used for building multi-storey low carbon apartment blocks.


  • Building type: Prototype, developed for multi-storey residential construction
  • Location: Holz100 factory in 77933 Lahr, Flugplatz N1, Germany
  • Description: In this prototype, the following topics will be researched and further developed:
    • Modular and demountable construction for multi-storey timber buildings
    • Waste-free and recyclable construction in relation to the entire life cycle of a building
    • Energy self-sufficient building technologies for heating and cooling
    • Digitalization and automation of production and planning processes.
  • Treated Floor Area: 78 m2
  • Construction Type: massive wood (dowel laminated timber) construction
  • Year of construction: 2022
  • Mechanical systems/Ventilation system: is not used
  • *PHPP values: The heating energy demand will be about 45 kWh/m2a.*
ElementThermal Envelope Valeu
Roof 0.16W/m2K
Floor 0.16W/m2K
Outside Wall Type 1 (only massive wood, no insulation) 0.32W/m2K
Outside Wall Type 2 0.17W/m2K
Windows Ug around 0.5 and Uf around 1W/m2K



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